1) will be lower than true airspeed;

2) will be lower than calibrated airspeed;

3) will be equal to true airspeed;

4) will be equal to calibrated airspeed.

The lower indicated airspeed at higher elevations is due to the lower density of the air. The lower the density, the less lift is generated by the wings. In order to maintain the same level of lift, the pilot must fly at a lower indicated airspeed.

At higher elevations, the air is also thinner, which means that the propeller is not able to generate as much thrust. This reduces the plane’s true airspeed. However, since the propeller is turning at the same speed, the calibrated airspeed will remain the same.

Other related questions:

Q: What is indicated altitude?

A: Indicated altitude is the altitude that is shown on the altimeter.

Q: What effect does high density altitude have on aircraft performance?

A: High density altitude has a number of effects on aircraft performance. Most notably, it reduces the amount of lift that an aircraft can generate, and also increases the amount of drag on the aircraft. This can make it more difficult for an aircraft to take off, and can also reduce the aircraft’s maximum speed and rate of climb. Additionally, high density altitude can also make it more difficult for an aircraft to maintain control, and can increase the risk of stalls and other accidents.

Q: How does density altitude affect Indicated Airspeed?

A: Density altitude is the pressure altitude adjusted for nonstandard temperature. For aircraft operations, density altitude is considered to be the altitude in the standard atmosphere at which the density would be equal to the actual density at the altitude being considered.

Q: What effect does an uphill runway slope have on takeoff performance quizlet?

A: The main effect of an uphill runway slope is to reduce the distance required for takeoff. This is because the uphill slope provides additional lift, which helps the airplane to take off sooner. Additionally, an uphill runway slope can also help to improve visibility during takeoff and landing.


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