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Jul 2, 2022

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There are two ways to measure a year: the calendar year and the rolling year. The calendar year is the period of time between January 1 and December 31. The rolling year, on the other hand, is the period of time between the current date and the same date in the previous year.

So, if today is January 10, the rolling year would be the period of time between January 10, 2017 and January 10, 2016. The calendar year would be the period of time between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017.

Why does this matter? Well, when you’re measuring something like website traffic or sales, the time period you use can make a big difference in the results.

For example, let’s say you’re looking at website traffic for the month of January. If you use the calendar year, you’ll see traffic for the whole month of January. But if you use the rolling year, you’ll see traffic for the period of January 10, 2017 to January 10, 2016. This can give you a more accurate picture of how your website is performing.

So, which should you use? It depends on what you’re measuring and what you’re trying to achieve. If you want to get a more accurate picture of your website’s performance, use the rolling year. If you’re looking at something like sales or website traffic for a specific month, use the calendar year.

Other related questions:

Q: What is considered a calendar year?

A: A calendar year typically refers to the twelve months that make up a year in the Gregorian calendar.

Q: What is meant by a rolling 12-month period?

A: A rolling 12-month period refers to a period of 12 months that “rolls” forward as each month passes. For example, if you began tracking a rolling 12-month period on January 1st, the period would include the previous 12 months (from December 1st to November 30th). As December passes and January becomes the current month, the rolling 12-month period would then include the most recent 12 months (from January 1st to December 31st).

Q: What is a 6 month rolling calendar?

A: A 6 month rolling calendar refers to a schedule that is planned out 6 months in advance, with each month being represented by a different color or symbol. This type of calendar is typically used by businesses or organizations in order to keep track of long-term projects or goals.


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