Can you surf in greece


Jul 5, 2022

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The answer is yes! You can surf in Greece and the conditions are actually quite good. The islands of Crete and Zakynthos are particularly well-known for their surfing spots. There are also a few good spots on the mainland, such as in the Pelion region.

Greece is a great place to surf because the water is warm and the waves are usually pretty good. The best time to surf here is from May to October. During this time, the water temperature is usually around 20-25 degrees Celsius and the waves are at their best.

If you’re planning on surfing in Greece, be sure to check out the following spots:




Other related questions:

Q: Does Greece have good surfing?

A: There are a few good surfing spots in Greece, but the best waves are typically found on the island of Crete.

Q: Are there surf beaches in Greece?

A: Yes, Greece has many surf beaches!

Q: Is there waves in Greece?

A: Yes, there are waves in Greece!

Q: Is there surf in Mykonos?

A: Yes, there is surf in Mykonos!


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