How big is minneapolis airport?


Jul 10, 2022

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Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) is the largest and busiest airport in the US state of Minnesota. It is located in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, in the city of Bloomington. The airport is operated by the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), which also oversees six smaller airports in the region.

MSP is a major hub for Delta Air Lines and Sun Country Airlines. It is also a focus city for Frontier Airlines, Icelandair, and Southwest Airlines. The airport is served by two passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. Terminal 1 is the older of the two terminals and is used primarily by Delta and its regional partners. Terminal 2 is the larger of the two terminals and is used by all other airlines. The cargo terminal is used by FedEx Express, UPS Airlines, and DHL Aviation.

MSP covers an area of 2,730 acres (1,100 ha) and has two runways: runway 10L/28R is 12,401 feet (3,779 m) long and runway 10R/28L is 11,902 feet (3,630 m) long. The airport has 140 gates and can handle up to 50 million passengers per year. In 2016, MSP served a record 40.9 million passengers, an increase of 3.1% over 2015.

Other related questions:

Q: How many terminals does Minneapolis airport have?

A: Minneapolis airport has 2 terminals.

Q: Is 45 minutes enough time for a layover in Minneapolis?

A: The answer may vary depending on the airline and the specific circumstances of your flight, but in general, 45 minutes is probably not enough time for a layover in Minneapolis.

Q: How long does it take to get through Minneapolis airport?

A: It can take up to an hour to get through Minneapolis airport.

Q: Is Terminal 1 or 2 bigger MSP?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question as both terminals at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) are of a similar size. However, some estimates place Terminal 1 at slightly over 2 million square feet, while Terminal 2 is slightly under 2 million square feet.


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