How much money to bring to iceland?


Aug 1, 2022

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Assuming you’re talking about Iceland in Europe, the official currency is the Euro. However, Iceland also accepts major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. For cash, it is recommended that you bring Euros, as ATM machines may not always work with other currencies.

When it comes to how much money you should bring, that really depends on your spending habits. If you plan on eating out every meal, doing lots of shopping, and participating in many activities, then you should bring more money. However, if you’re planning on cooking most of your meals, sticking to a budget, and only doing a few activities, then you can bring less money. Ultimately, it really depends on your individual needs and wants.

Other related questions:

Q: How much cash should you bring to Iceland?

A: There is no set answer, as it depends on your individual spending habits. However, it is generally recommended to bring along a bit of extra cash, in case of any unexpected expenses.

Q: Do I need to carry cash in Iceland?

A: Yes, you will need to carry some cash with you in Iceland. However, you will not need a lot of cash, as most places accept credit and debit cards.

Q: Is Iceland very expensive to visit?

A: No, Iceland is not very expensive to visit. The cost of living is high, but tourists can find many affordable options for accommodation, food, and activities.

Q: What is the best currency to take to Iceland?

A: The best currency to take to Iceland is the Icelandic Krona.


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