How to use amex gold dining credit?


Jul 1, 2022

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If you are a fan of American Express, then you probably know about the Amex Gold Card. This card provides many benefits including a $250 annual dining credit. However, you may not know how to best use this credit. Here are a few tips:

1. Use your credit at restaurants that accept American Express.

2. Try to use your credit during peak times, such as lunch or dinner.

3. Use your credit at restaurants that offer a discount for American Express cardholders.

4. Keep your receipt so you can track your spending.

5. Use your credit wisely so you can maximize its value.

Other related questions:

Q: Does DoorDash trigger Amex dining credit?

A: Yes, DoorDash does trigger the American Express dining credit.

Q: Does Mcdonalds count as a restaurant for Amex?

A: Yes, McDonald’s does count as a restaurant for American Express.

Q: Does Amex consider bars restaurants?

A: Yes, Amex considers bars and restaurants to be eligible for the Amex Offer.

Q: Does Amex Gold allow lounge access?

A: American Express Gold cards do not come with lounge access.


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