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Jul 3, 2022

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Lake Michigan is one of the five Great Lakes of North America and the only one located entirely within the United States. The other four Great Lakes are shared by the U.S. and Canada. Lake Michigan is the second-largest of the Great Lakes by surface area, covering 22,404 square miles (58,030 square kilometers). It is the fifth-largest lake in the world by surface area.

Lake Michigan is 1,638 feet (499 meters) deep at its deepest point. That’s about as deep as the Empire State Building is tall. The average depth of Lake Michigan is 923 feet (282 meters).

Lake Michigan is home to many different kinds of fish, including trout, salmon, perch, and whitefish. The lake also has several species of freshwater clams and mussels.

Other related questions:

Q: Is Lake Michigan deep?

A: Yes, Lake Michigan is deep. It has a maximum depth of 923 feet (281 meters).

Q: How deep is Lake Michigan on average?

A: Lake Michigan is about 925 feet (282 meters) deep on average. However, its deepest point is 990 feet (302 meters).

Q: Has anyone been to the bottom of Lake Michigan?

A: Yes, several people have been to the bottom of Lake Michigan. In fact, a team of scientists from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee recently completed a study of the lake bottom, using remote-operated vehicles (ROVs) to collect data and samples.

Q: Where is the deepest place in Lake Michigan?

A: The deepest place in Lake Michigan is 925 feet (282 meters) below the surface, near the Wisconsin-Michigan border.


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