40.6925° N, 74.1686° W

If you’re ever feeling lost in Newark, New Jersey, just remember that your GPS is probably leading you astray. The airport is located at 40.6925° N, 74.1686° W, which is not where most people would think to look for it. But hey, at least you now know where it is.

Other related questions:

Q: Where is the EWR airport located?

A: The EWR airport is located in Newark, New Jersey.

Q: Where do I pick up someone from Newark Airport?

A: There is no one definitive answer to this question, as there are many options and variables to consider depending on your individual circumstances. Some things to keep in mind include the terminal your arrival flight is arriving at, whether you are being picked up by someone else or renting a car, and whether you are using public transportation or taxis/rideshare services. For more specific information, we recommend contacting your airline or the Newark Airport website directly.

Q: Where do I park for Global Entry interview at Newark?

A: You can park in the short-term parking lot at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Q: What exit is Newark Airport of 78?

A: The Newark Airport is located at 78 Exit 14.


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