Nyc subway fare for children


Jul 1, 2022

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Children under the age of five ride the subway for free. Children between the ages of five and 11 can purchase a reduced-fare MetroCard for half the cost of an adult fare.

Other related questions:

Q: Do kids ride NYC subway for free?

A: No, kids do not ride NYC subway for free.

Q: Do kids in NYC take the subway to school?

A: Yes, many kids in NYC take the subway to school.

Q: How much does NYC subway cost?

A: The cost of riding the subway in New York City depends on a few factors, including the distance traveled and whether or not you use a MetroCard. If you pay per ride, it will cost $2.75. If you use a 7-day or 30-day unlimited MetroCard, it will cost $33 and $127, respectively.

Q: How much is a MetroCard?

A: The base fare for a MetroCard is $2.75, but the cost will vary depending on the number of rides and the type of card you purchase.


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