Spire 73 high top seating vs standard


Jul 31, 2022

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When it comes to event seating, there are a variety of options to choose from. Standard seating is typically lower to the ground and doesn’t provide much in the way of views. On the other hand, high top seating, like that offered by Spire 73, provides a better view of the action and can make your event more enjoyable. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of each option to help you decide which is right for you.

Standard Seating:

– Lower to the ground, which can make it difficult to see over the heads of other people
– Not as comfortable as high top seating
– More affordable

High Top Seating:

– Provides a better view of the action
– More comfortable than standard seating
– More expensive

Other related questions:

Q: What should I wear to my spire 73?

A: There is no dress code for Spire 73, so you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

Q: Does spire 73 have a minimum?

A: Yes, the minimum order for Spire 73 is 50 pieces.

Q: How many floors is Spire 73?

A: Spire 73 is 73 stories tall.


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