Things to do in seattle in the fall


Jul 7, 2022

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1. Visit Pike Place Market: Pike Place Market is a must-see for any visitor to Seattle. The market is especially beautiful in the fall, when the leaves are changing color and the air is crisp.

2. Go on a Wine Tasting Tour: Washington state is known for its wines, and there are plenty of wineries near Seattle that offer tours and tastings. Fall is the perfect time to visit a winery and sample some of the best wines in the Pacific Northwest.

3. Take a Hike: Seattle is surrounded by forests, mountains and parks, making it the perfect place to go for a hike. There are trails of all difficulty levels, so everyone can find a hike that suits them.

4. Go Apple Picking: Fall is apple season, and there are several farms near Seattle where you can pick your own apples. This is a great activity for families or groups of friends.

5. Visit a pumpkin patch: What’s fall without pumpkins? There are several pumpkin patches in the Seattle area, so you can find the perfect pumpkin for carving or baking.

Other related questions:

Q: Is Seattle a good place to visit in the fall?

A: Yes, Seattle is a great place to visit during the fall season. The weather is typically mild and there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy, such as hiking, visiting pumpkin patches, and taking in the beautiful fall foliage.

Q: Is October a good month to go to Seattle?

A: October is a great month to visit Seattle! The weather is usually mild and there are many fun events and activities to enjoy.

Q: What is Seattle like in the fall?

A: The fall season in Seattle is beautiful, with the leaves changing color and the weather starting to cool down. There are also a lot of fun events and activities to enjoy, like apple picking and visiting pumpkin patches.

Q: What is there to do in Seattle in early November?

A: There are many things to do in Seattle in early November. For example, you can visit the Space Needle, explore Pike Place Market, or visit the Museum of Pop Culture.


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