This equation is telling us that if we take any two numbers, x and y, and add them together, then multiply the result by 2, we will get 5. So, for example, if we take the numbers 3 and 2, and add them together to get 5, and then multiply that by 2, we will get 10.

This equation is actually quite interesting, because it is telling us something about the relationship between numbers that we might not have thought of before. It is also telling us that if we want to solve for x or y, we can do so by using some simple algebra.

To solve for x, we can start by isolating it on one side of the equation:




Now we can plug this value for y back into the original equation:







Other related questions:

Q: How do you calculate twice of a number?

A: To calculate twice of a number, you can multiply the number by 2.

Q: When 5 is added to 3 times a number what is it called?

A: Adding 5 to 3 times a number is called multiplying by 3 and then adding 5.

Q: When 5 is added to twice a number it gives 11?

A: 5 + (2x) = 11

Q: When we add two or more numbers the result is called?

A: The result of adding two or more numbers is called the sum.


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