Visitors to Yellowstone National Park often ask which entrance is closest to what they want to see. The answer can be complicated because there is no one “closest” entrance. It all depends on your starting point and what you want to see.

Here is a breakdown of the distances from the five entrances to some of the most popular destinations in the park:

• Norris Geyser Basin: 8 miles from West Entrance, 12 miles from South Entrance, 18 miles from East Entrance, 25 miles from North Entrance, 30 miles from Northeast Entrance

• Madison Junction: 9 miles from West Entrance, 13 miles from South Entrance, 19 miles from East Entrance, 26 miles from North Entrance, 31 miles from Northeast Entrance

• Old Faithful: 10 miles from West Entrance, 14 miles from South Entrance, 20 miles from East Entrance, 27 miles from North Entrance, 32 miles from Northeast Entrance

• West Thumb Geyser Basin: 12 miles from West Entrance, 16 miles from South Entrance, 22 miles from East Entrance, 29 miles from North Entrance, 34 miles from Northeast Entrance

• Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone: 15 miles from West Entrance, 19 miles from South Entrance, 25 miles from East Entrance, 32 miles from North Entrance, 37 miles from Northeast Entrance

Keep in mind that these are just the driving distances. If you’re planning to hike or take a scenic drive, the distances will be different. For example, the distance from the West Entrance to Norris Geyser Basin is only 8 miles, but the drive takes about 45 minutes because you have to go around the north side of Yellowstone Lake.

So, which entrance is closest to what you want to see? It all depends on your starting point and what you want to do in the park. If you’re unsure, the best bet is to ask a ranger when you arrive. They can help you plan your trip and find the entrance that’s best for you.

Other related questions:

Q: What is the best entrance to get into Yellowstone National Park?

A: There is no one “best” entrance to Yellowstone National Park. Each of the five entrances (North Entrance, West Entrance, South Entrance, East Entrance, and Northeast Entrance) has its own unique features and accesses different parts of the park.

Q: What is the least crowded entrance to Yellowstone?

A: The least crowded entrance to Yellowstone is the West Entrance.

Q: Is north or west entrance better for Yellowstone?

A: There is no definitive answer to this question, as each entrance has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. For example, the north entrance is typically less crowded than the west entrance, but it is also further from some of the park’s most popular attractions. Ultimately, the best entrance for you will depend on your specific travel plans and preferences.

Q: What are the 4 entrances to Yellowstone National Park?

A: 1. The North Entrance, located near Gardiner, Montana
2. The West Entrance, located near West Yellowstone, Montana
3. The South Entrance, located near Jackson, Wyoming
4. The East Entrance, located near Cody, Wyoming


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