If you’re anything like us, you probably have a whole drawer full of old bic lighters that you’ve accumulated over the years. But what can you do with them besides throw them away?

Here are 10 creative ideas for what to do with your old bic lighters:

1. Make a DIY fire starter.

2. Use it as a candle.

3. Make a mini hot air balloon.

4. Turn it into a keychain.

5. Make a unique piece of jewelry.

6. Make a fun art project.

7. Use it as a paperweight.

8. Make a stress ball.

9. Use it as a plant marker.

10. Make a mini lantern.

Other related questions:

Q: What can you make from old lighters?

A: There are a few different things that you can make from old lighters. One option is to use the metal to create new lighters. Another option is to use the metal to create other metal objects, such as jewelry or small sculptures. Finally, you could use the metal to create something functional, like a keychain or a paperweight.

Q: Can you put lighters in the bin UK?

A: Yes, you can put lighters in the bin in the UK.

Q: Do Bic lighters expire?

A: Bic lighters do not have an expiration date. However, we recommend that you replace your lighter every two years for optimal performance.


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