What do planes do in thunderstorms?


Jul 2, 2022

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In thunderstorms, planes fly high above the clouds to avoid the turbulence and severe weather. The air at high altitudes is much smoother than at lower altitudes, so flying high gives pilots a smoother ride and makes it easier to avoid storms.

Other related questions:

Q: Can airplanes fly through thunderstorms?

A: While thunderstorms can pose a serious threat to aircraft, pilots are trained to avoid them if possible. If flying through a thunderstorm is unavoidable, pilots will take measures to minimize the risks, such as flying at altitudes where the storm is less intense.

Q: Do flights Get Cancelled due to thunderstorms?

A: Flights can get cancelled due to thunderstorms, but it is not common. If a thunderstorm is severe enough, it can cause damage to the plane or make it difficult to take off or land.

Q: What happens to planes in thunderstorms?

A: In general, thunderstorms can pose a serious threat to aircraft because of the strong updrafts and downdrafts, as well as the turbulence and wind shear that can be associated with them. If an aircraft flies into a thunderstorm, it can be buffeted by the strong winds and thrown around, potentially causing structural damage or even breaking apart. The strong updrafts can also lift the aircraft into the air, while the downdrafts can push it back down, potentially causing it to crash. In addition, lightning strikes can damage the aircraft and cause fires or explosions.


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