If you’ve ever wondered what those little letters next to your flight number mean, you’re not alone. “AT” stands for “at the gate.” This means that the plane is currently at the gate and is ready to board passengers. The plane may be delayed for a variety of reasons, but it is currently at the gate and will hopefully be taking off soon.

Other related questions:

Q: What is the difference between at gate and arrived?

A: At the gate means that the plane is at the gate and passengers are boarding. Arrived means that the plane has landed and passengers are disembarking.

Q: What does AT gate mean at arrivals?

A: The AT Gate is the area where you will be able to find your arrival gate.

Q: What does AT gate mean for baggage claim?

A: The AT gate is an area where you can claim your baggage after arriving at the airport.

Q: What is the flight status code?

A: The flight status code is a code that is used to indicate the status of a flight. It is a four-letter code that is used by airlines to communicate the status of a flight to their customers.


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