What does fly like the wind mean?


Jul 31, 2022

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To fly like the wind means to move swiftly and effortlessly through the air, like a bird or a plane. It can also refer to moving quickly on foot, like a cheetah.

Other related questions:

Q: What does the phrase like the wind mean?

A: The phrase “like the wind” is used to describe something that is moving very quickly.

Q: Where does the phrase run like the wind come from?

A: The phrase “run like the wind” is most likely derived from the proverb “to run like the wind,” which means to move very quickly.

Q: What does on the wings of the wind mean?

A: On the wings of the wind can mean a few different things. It can mean moving swiftly or easily, like a bird flying on the wind. It can also mean being free and unencumbered, like a feather floating on the wind. Finally, it can mean having a sense of lightness and joy, as if one is carried away on the wings of the wind.


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