What does initial approval mean?


Jul 3, 2022

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When you first apply for a credit card, the issuer will review your credit history and other factors to decide whether or not to approve you for the card. If you’re approved, you’ll receive an initial credit limit, which is the maximum amount of money you can charge to the card.

Other related questions:

Q: What is initial approval of loan?

A: The initial approval of a loan is the first step in the loan approval process. It is when the lender reviews the borrower’s financial information and determines whether or not they are qualified for the loan.

Q: What is an initial underwriting approval?

A: Initial underwriting approval is the first step in the underwriting process, during which the lender reviews the borrower’s financial information to determine whether or not they are eligible for a loan. The lender will also assess the borrower’s creditworthiness and calculate the loan’s interest rate during this stage.

Q: What happens after underwriting is approved?

A: Once your loan has been approved by the underwriter, the next step is to schedule a closing date. At closing, you will sign all of the necessary paperwork and your loan will be funded.

Q: How do I know if my loan will be approved?

A: The best way to know if your loan will be approved is to speak with a loan officer.


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