If you refuse to leave a hotel room, the hotel staff may call the police. The police may then come to the hotel room and ask you to leave. If you still refuse to leave, the police may arrest you for trespassing.

Other related questions:

Q: Can you be forced to leave a hotel room?

A: Yes, you can be forced to leave a hotel room if the hotel management has a legitimate reason to do so, such as if you are causing a disturbance or if you have not paid your bill.

Q: What are the rights of hotel guests?

A: The rights of hotel guests depend on the laws of the country where the hotel is located. However, some basic rights that guests typically have include the right to a safe and clean room, the right to privacy, the right to be treated with respect, and the right to receive timely and efficient service.

Q: Can a hotel lock you out of your room?

A: Yes, a hotel can lock you out of your room if you don’t follow the hotel’s rules or if you don’t pay your bill.

Q: Can you get kicked out of a hotel for no reason?

A: Yes, you can get kicked out of a hotel for any reason.


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