There’s a good chance you’ll end up making a mess in the car, and your driver may not be too happy about it. If you’re able to make it to a bathroom in time, that’s the best-case scenario. Otherwise, you may want to consider taking a taxi or public transportation instead.

Other related questions:

Q: Can Uber charge you for throwing up?

A: There is no set policy on this, so it really depends on the driver’s discretion. If they believe that you have caused damage to their vehicle, they may charge you a cleaning fee.

Q: How much does LYFT charge if you throw up?

A: There is no set charge for vomiting in a Lyft car, but the company does have a strict policy against vomiting or causing any sort of mess in the car. If a passenger vomits in a Lyft car, the driver may charge a cleaning fee of up to $200.

Q: How do I get out of Uber cleaning fee?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid the cleaning fee when using Uber.

Q: How much does Uber charge if you throw up UK?

A: There is no set fee for this, as it will depend on the individual driver’s policy. However, it is generally agreed that any passengers who vomit in an Uber car will be charged a cleaning fee of around £50-£100.


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