What i miss about you list?


Jul 7, 2022

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1. your smile.

2. the way you make me laugh.

3. your warm embrace.

4. the way you always know just what to say to make me feel better.

5. your strength and courage.

6. the way you never give up on me, even when I’m at my worst.

7. your beautiful eyes.

8. your amazing ability to make me feel special and loved.

9. your amazing talent for making me feel like the only woman in the world.

10. I could go on forever, but I’ll just say that I miss everything about you!

Other related questions:

Q: How do you answer what did you miss about me?

A: There are many things that I miss about you, but some of the things that stand out the most are your sense of humor, your ability to make me laugh, and your companionship. I also miss being able to talk to you about anything and everything, and having someone to confide in.

Q: What do u miss about your boyfriend?

A: I miss spending time with my boyfriend and being able to talk to him about anything and everything. I also miss being able to physically be close to him and share intimate moments together.

Q: What is the reason to miss someone?

A: There can be many reasons why someone might be missed. Some potential reasons include:

-The person was a close friend or family member
-The person was a source of support or comfort
-The person was fun to be around
-The person had a unique or special quality that is now absent
-The person represented a happy time in life that is now gone

Q: What to say you miss about a guy?

A: I miss his smile, his laugh, his sense of humor. I miss the way he made me feel, like I could do anything. I miss his support and encouragement. I miss him being there for me.


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