A GTY stateroom on Royal Caribbean is a Guaranteed Turnaround stateroom. This means that the stateroom will be available for guests to book on the day that the ship turns around in port. This is a great option for guests who want to be sure they have a stateroom on the ship, but don’t want to pay for a higher category stateroom.

Other related questions:

Q: What does gty on Royal Caribbean mean?

A: The term “gty” is used on Royal Caribbean cruises to refer to guests who have been assigned to a particular group or category.

Q: What is a gty cabin?

A: A “gty cabin” is a type of cabin that is specifically designed for guests with disabilities. These cabins feature wider doorways, lower beds, and other accommodations to make them more accessible.

Q: How soon does Royal Caribbean assign guarantee cabins?

A: Guarantee cabins are usually assigned at the time of check-in.


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