What not to do in italy?


Jul 2, 2022

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1. Don’t try to speak Italian if you don’t know how. The Italians are very proud of their language and they will correct you if you make a mistake.

2. Don’t be a tightwad. Italians are generous people and they expect you to be generous too.

3. Don’t be a picky eater. Italian food is delicious and there’s no need to be fussy about it.

4. Don’t be a party pooper. Italians know how to have a good time and they expect you to join in the fun.

5. Don’t be a bad loser. Italians are very competitive and they don’t like it when someone doesn’t take defeat gracefully.

6. Don’t be a killjoy. Italians love to have fun and they expect you to be fun-loving too.

7. Don’t be a know-it-all. Italians are very knowledgeable and they will soon see through any pretensions you might have.

8. Don’t be a show-off. Italians are very humble people and they will be put off by any displays of arrogance.

9. Don’t be a snob. Italians are very down-to-earth and they will not tolerate any snobbish behaviour.

10. Don’t be a tourist. Italians are very hospitable but they will not appreciate it if you treat them like a tourist attraction.

Other related questions:

Q: What should you not do in Italy?

A: Some things that tourists should avoid doing in Italy include:
-Walking around barefoot
-Wearing offensive clothing
-Being loud and disruptive
-Skipping lines or trying to jump queues
-Failing to observe basic table manners
-Not knowing how to tip
-Trying to bargain in shops

Q: What is considered rude in Italy?

A: Some considered rude behaviors in Italy include:

-Spitting in public
-Picking one’s nose in public
-Blowing one’s nose in public
-Yelling in public
-Walking on grass
-Wearing sunglasses indoors
-Eating on the street
-Entering a church with bare shoulders or shorts

Q: Is it rude to tip in Italy?

A: Some people in Italy may consider it rude to tip, while others may not mind. It really depends on the person.


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