What not to do in peru?


Jul 12, 2022

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1. Don’t drink the water

2. Don’t eat uncooked fruits or vegetables

3. Avoid ice cubes

4. Don’t swim in lakes or rivers

5. Don’t hike alone

6. Don’t buy counterfeit goods

7. Don’t take unlicensed taxis

8. Don’t overstay your visa

9. Don’t drink unpasteurized milk

10. Don’t pet stray animals

Other related questions:

Q: What should you not do in Peru?

A: Some things to avoid doing in Peru include:

– Don’t drink the water unless it’s bottled.

– Avoid ice in drinks.

– Don’t eat fruits or vegetables that have been washed in tap water.

– Be careful of what you eat and drink in general, as stomach issues are common.

– Don’t carry large amounts of cash on you.

– Be aware of your surroundings, especially in busy areas or at night.

Q: What is considered rude in Peru?

A: In Peru, it is considered rude to show up late to a meeting or appointment. It is also considered rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking. Additionally, it is considered rude to shout or speak loudly in public. Finally, it is considered rude to stare at someone for a prolonged period of time.

Q: Can I brush my teeth with tap water in Peru?

A: Yes, you can brush your teeth with tap water in Peru. The water is generally safe to drink, although it may be wise to check with your hotel or hostel first to see if they recommend using bottled water.

Q: What should I know before visiting Peru?

A: Peru is a country located in South America. Its capital is Lima. The official language of Peru is Spanish. The currency of Peru is the Sol.


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