The name of Baltimore’s airport is BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, named after the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. Marshall was born in Baltimore in 1908, and was the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court, from 1967 until his retirement in 1991. He died in 1993.

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Q: Why is BWI named after Thurgood Marshall?

A: BWI is named after Thurgood Marshall because he was a renowned civil rights attorney and Supreme Court Justice. He fought for equality for all Americans, and his work had a profound impact on our nation. BWI honors his legacy by offering a world-class airport that is accessible to everyone.

Q: When did BWI change its name?

A: BWI’s name was changed in 1973 from Baltimore-Washington International Airport to Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.

Q: When was BWI named after Thurgood Marshall?

A: BWI was named after Thurgood Marshall in 1998.

Q: Who appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court?

A: President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court in 1967.


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