What terminal is swiss air at jfk?


Aug 1, 2022

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Swiss Air offers direct flights to Zurich from JFK, and the flight departs from Terminal 4.

Other related questions:

Q: What terminal is SWISS Air?

A: SWISS Air operates out of Terminal 1 at Zurich Airport.

Q: What airlines fly out of Terminal 1 at JFK?

A: Some of the airlines that fly out of Terminal 1 at JFK include Air India, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, and Virgin Atlantic.

Q: Is Terminal 4 at JFK domestic or international?

A: Terminal 4 is JFK’s international terminal.

Q: What airlines use Terminal 5 at JFK?

A: There are a few airlines that use Terminal 5 at JFK, including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Emirates, and Qatar Airways.


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