If your dog poops on a plane, the first thing you should do is clean it up. Use a paper towel or napkin to pick up the poop, and then dispose of it in a garbage bag. If possible, try to do this without drawing attention to yourself or your dog.

If you’re unable to clean up the poop yourself, notify a flight attendant and they will take care of it. They may also have a cleaning kit on board that they can use to clean up the area.

Once the area is clean, keep an eye on your dog to make sure they don’t do it again. If they do, you may need to confine them to their crate or seat area for the remainder of the flight.

Other related questions:

Q: What do you do if your dog has to go to the bathroom on a plane?

A: If you have to take your dog to the bathroom on a plane, you should first check with the airline to see if there are any restrictions or requirements. Some airlines may require that you use a special bag or container for your dog’s waste, so it’s important to be prepared. Once you’re on the plane, you can either take your dog to the lavatory with you, or ask a flight attendant for help.

Q: How do dogs go pee on a plane?

A: Dogs typically relieve themselves before boarding a plane and during layovers. They may also go to the restroom during the flight, but this will depend on the airline and the specific flight rules.


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