When do what if cards get upgraded?


Jul 2, 2022

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If you’re wondering when your what if cards will get upgraded, the answer is: it depends! The upgrade schedule for what if cards is not set in stone, and can vary depending on a number of factors. However, we can give you a few general guidelines to help you plan your card upgrades.

First, it’s important to understand that not all what if cards are created equal. Some cards are simply more powerful than others, and as such, they will be given priority when it comes to upgrades. This means that if you have a what if card that you’re particularly attached to, it’s worth hanging on to it until it’s been significantly upgraded.

Second, the rarity of a what if card also plays a role in when it will be upgraded. More rare cards will generally be upgraded sooner than less rare cards. This is because rare cards are more valuable, and thus, more worth investing in.

Finally, the timing of when you purchase your what if cards can also affect when they will be upgraded. Cards that are bought closer to when an expansion is released are more likely to be upgraded sooner than cards that are bought further in advance. This is because the developers want to encourage people to buy the new cards, and thus, they will give them a higher priority when it comes to upgrades.

So, to sum it up, there is no definite answer as to when your what if cards will be upgraded. However, by taking into account the factors mentioned above, you can get a general idea of when to expect your cards to be upgraded.

Other related questions:

Q: How does a what if card get upgraded?

A: If you have a What If card that you would like to upgrade, you can contact the company that issued the card and ask them about their upgrade process. They will likely require you to submit some documentation and may charge a fee.

Q: What day do RTTF cards get upgraded?

A: The RTTF cards will get upgraded on a daily basis.

Q: When should I upgrade cards on FIFA 22?

A: It is generally recommended that you upgrade your cards when you have the opportunity to do so. This will ensure that your team is as strong as possible and will give you the best chance of success.

Q: What day do FUT fantasy cards get upgraded?

A: FUT fantasy cards are upgraded every Wednesday.


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