When you book a flight through Expedia, your credit card is charged immediately. This charge is for the cost of the flight, and it is non-refundable. If you need to cancel your flight, you may be able to do so and receive a refund of the flight cost, depending on the airline’s cancellation policy.

Other related questions:

Q: Does Expedia charge immediately?

A: Yes, Expedia will charge you immediately for your purchase.

Q: How do Expedia payments work?

A: Expedia payments work in a very simple and straightforward way. You can pay for your hotel, flight, or vacation package through Expedia using a credit or debit card, or through PayPal.

Q: Does booking charge you right away?

A: No, when you book a room through our website, your card is not charged.

Q: Does Expedia charge your card or the hotel?

A: When you book a hotel room through Expedia, your credit card is charged immediately for the full amount of the reservation.


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