When to visit naples?


Jul 3, 2022

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The best time to visit Naples is during the shoulder seasons of April to June and September to October. The weather is mild and there are fewer crowds than in peak tourist season. However, if you’re planning a beach vacation, you’ll want to visit during the summer months when the water is warmest. Keep in mind that Naples is a popular destination for European travelers, so prices will be higher and accommodations will be more scarce during the peak season.

Other related questions:

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Naples?

A: The best time of year to visit Naples is from mid-April to mid-June, and from mid-September to mid-October. These months offer the most pleasant weather and the least amount of crowds.

Q: Is October a good time to visit Naples Italy?

A: October is a great time to visit Naples! The weather is still warm and the city is full of festive events leading up to Halloween and All Saints’ Day. You’ll find plenty of activities to keep you busy during your visit.

Q: Is May a good time to visit Naples Italy?

A: May can be a good time to visit Naples, Italy as the weather is typically mild and there are many things to do in the city. However, it is also a popular time for tourists so hotels and other accommodations can be more expensive.


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