It is still unclear when exactly theme parks in California will be able to reopen. The state is currently in the process of gradually lifting its restrictions, but it is unknown when exactly they will allow large theme parks to reopen. Many people are hoping that the parks will be able to reopen by the summer, but it is still too early to say for sure.

Other related questions:

Q: Is Disneyland full capacity after June 15?

A: No, Disneyland is not at full capacity after June 15.

Q: Is Six Flags California open to out-of-state residents?

A: Yes, Six Flags California is open to out-of-state residents.

Q: Is Disneyland open to full capacity?

A: Yes, Disneyland is currently open to full capacity.

Q: Can out-of-state residents go to Universal Studios?

A: Yes, out-of-state residents can go to Universal Studios.


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