The voice of Spider-Man in the Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios Hollywood is none other than actor and comedian, Jay Mohr. Best known for his roles in the films “Jerry Maguire” and “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” Mohr has also been a popular stand-up comedian and radio host. In the Spider-Man ride, Mohr’s voice can be heard giving riders instructions and adding some humorous commentary.

Other related questions:

Q: Who are the characters on the Spider-Man ride at Universal?

A: The characters on the Spider-Man ride at Universal are Spider-Man, Mary Jane, and the Green Goblin.

Q: Which Spider-Man is in universal?

A: There is no one definitive answer to this question as there have been multiple Spider-Man characters appearing in various Universal Studios attractions over the years. However, some of the more recent and popular incarnations of the character appearing in Universal Studios attractions include the versions seen in the Spider-Man ride at Universal’s Islands of Adventure and the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man ride at Universal Studios Japan.

Q: Who voices Jameson in the Spider-Man ride?

A: Jameson is voiced by Robert F. Kennedy in the Spider-Man ride.

Q: What is the Spider-Man ride at Universal like?

A: The Spider-Man ride at Universal is an amazing experience! You feel like you are really flying through the air and the effects are so realistic. It is definitely a must-do for any Spider-Man fan!


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