If you’re wondering why Postmates doesn’t show delivery fees, it’s because they’re calculated based on the distance of the delivery and the size/weight of the order. The delivery fee is generally around $5, but can be more or less depending on the circumstances.

Other related questions:

Q: How does Postmates determine delivery fee?

A: The delivery fee for each order is determined by the size, weight, and distance of the order.

Q: Does Postmates show pay before delivery?

A: Yes, Postmates does show pay before delivery.

Q: Why is Postmate service fee so high?

A: The Postmates service fee is high because the company has to pay for things like advertising, customer support, and other overhead costs. Additionally, the company charges a percentage of the total cost of each order, so the more expensive the order, the higher the service fee.

Q: How do I avoid service fees on Postmates?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot avoid service fees on Postmates.


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