The pound is worth more than the dollar because the British economy is stronger than the American economy. The British economy is worth more than the American economy because it is bigger and more diversified. The British economy is also more stable than the American economy. These factors all contribute to the pound being worth more than the dollar.

Other related questions:

Q: Why is pound the strongest currency?

A: There are a few reasons why the pound is often considered to be the strongest currency. First, the United Kingdom has a very strong economy, and the pound is backed by a large and stable economy. Additionally, the pound is used as a reserve currency by many central banks around the world. This means that the pound is often seen as a safe investment by foreign investors, and this helps to keep the value of the currency high.

Q: When did the pound become worth more than the dollar?

A: The pound has been worth more than the dollar since early 2009.

Q: Which is stronger the pound or the dollar?

A: In terms of purchasing power, the dollar is stronger than the pound.


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